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Manual joint mobilisation techniques, supervised physical activity, psychological treatment, acupuncture and patient education in migraine treatment. A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Beier D, Callesen HE, Carlsen LN, Birkefoss K, Tómasdóttir H, Wűrtzen H, Christensen HW, Krøll LS, Jensen M, Høst CV, Hansen JM.
Cephalalgia. 2021 Aug 18
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Self-management at the core of back pain care: 10 key points for clinicians.
Kongsted A, Ris I, Kjaer P, Hartvigsen J.
The Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy. 2021 May 24:S1413-3555(21)00053-8.
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Factors influencing implementation of the GLA: D Back, an educational/exercise intervention for low back pain: a mixed-methods study.
Ris I, Boyle E, Myburgh C, Hartvigsen J, Thomassen L, Kongsted A.
JBI Evidence Implementation. 2021 May 10.
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Non-Surgical Interventions for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Leading To Neurogenic Claudication: A Clinical practice guideline.
Bussières A, Cancelliere C, Ammendolia C, Comer CM, Zoubi FA, Châtillon CE, Chernish G, Cox JM, Gliedt JA, Haskett D, Jensen RK, Marchand AA, Tomkins-Lane C, O'Shaughnessy J, Passmore S, Schneider MJ, Shipka P, Stewart G, Stuber K, Yee A, Ornelas J; Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative in collaboration and Bone and Joint Canada.
Journal of Pain. 2021 Apr 12:S1526-5900(21)00188-7.
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2021 consensus statement for preventing and managing low back pain in elite and subelite adult rowers.
Wilson F, Thornton JS, Wilkie K, Hartvigsen J, Vinther A, Ackerman KE, Caneiro JP, Trease L, Nugent F, Gissane C, McDonnell SJ, McGregor A, Newlands C, Ardern CL.
British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2021 Mar 8.
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Prevalence and risk factors for back pain in sports: a systematic review with meta-analysis.
Wilson F, Ardern CL, Hartvigsen J, Dane K, Trompeter K, Trease L, Vinther A, Gissane C, McDonnell SJ, Caneiro JP, Newlands C, Wilkie K, Mockler D, Thornton JS.
British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2020 Oct 19.
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