ECCRE Research Prizes awarded at EPIC2019

During the WFC/ECU Congress, EPIC2019, in Berlin ECCRE presented its three research awards to European researchers. These are the first research awards from the ECU

The ECCRE Research Award (EUR 7,500)

This prize cannot be applied for but will be assigned to an international research person or institution, which have done an outstanding and unique contribution to research within the chiropractic field in Europe. Any ECU member can nominate candidates for this prize. The ECCRE board will decide to which candidate the prize should be assigned.

The first ECCRE Research Award was granted to Professor Alice Kongsted. Alice Kongsted graduated as a chiropractor in 1999. She was appointed a full-time professorship at the University of Southern Denmark in 2018, becoming the youngest female chiropractic professor in Denmark. She is a highly respected researcher nationally and internationally, with a main focus in her research in relation to back pain in primary care. She has been the project manager of two new research projects, ChiCo and GLAiD Back. One of her latest credentials was being part of the Lancet papers working group.

The ECCRE Best Presented Research Award (EUR 3,500)

This prize will be assigned to a researcher who has submitted an original abstract to the ECU conference at a given year. It will be with a focus on the presentation performance on research projects of an excellent quality. The Advisory Academic Committee (AAC) will evaluate the original research abstracts and the presentation at the conference.

The first ECCRE Best Presented Research Award was presented to chiropractor Annette Saxtorph. She graduated from the University of Southern Denmark in 2016 and is now employed as a chiropractor in a private chiropractic clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she specialises in chiropractic treatment of children and infants. Annette Saxtorph won the award for her presentation ‘Are frequent Measurements in Back Pain Research Harmful?’ based on her Masters’ thesis, which has subsequently been edited into a research paper. Read the paper here:

The ECCRE Young Researcher of the Year Award (EUR 2,000)

This prize will be assigned to a young researcher, who has submitted an abstract to the ECU conference at a given year. There will be a focus on a person, who is an early career researcher with a talent and a dedication to pursue a full-time research career within the chiropractic profession. The research should be of excellent quality.

Criteria to be named young:

  • Not necessarily followed a formal research career, produced less than 10 peer reviewed articles 
  • Maximum 3 years after having been assigned the PhD degree (shall be documented) 
  • Has a goal of working as a full-time researcher

The AAC will evaluate the original research abstracts submitted to the ECU conference and rate these abstracts.

The first ECCRE Young Researcher of the Year Award was presented to Melker Johansson. Graduated from the University of Southern Denmark in 2015, Melker Johansson is currently completing his PhD and he is one of the CARL fellows. He has published 4 research papers to date. Melker Johansson’s research interests are in physical activity epidemiology in general, in particular how musculoskeletal disorders may constitute a barrier to living an active life, the interaction between these disorders and other non-communicable diseases and how physical activity can play an important preventive role for public health. Other topics of interest relate to the measurement and analysis of physical activity data. I am also concerned about multisite pain, the pain distribution and the number of pain sites and their consequences for the individual. At EPIC2019, Melker Johansson talked about his work in the presentation ‘Does time spent in physical behaviors differ between individuals with and without persistent pain?’

Congratulations and well done to Alice Kongsted, Annette Saxtorph and Melker Johansson.